Why I’m Voting Liberal Democrat

Yay, I’m 18 and finally get to vote. I am no different to who who i was when i was 17, politically. Unfortunately, we live in an agist system, where enthusiastic young people aren’t allowed to vote on their future.

Literally a dictatorship. I hate the Tories.

Why I’m voting Liberal Democrat:

  • They’re most likely to beat the conservatives in our constituency, where some out of touch Tory is mp at the moment, replacing our spoilt, son of a millionaire boy.
  • EU: They will keep us in the EU. Aka: save us from falling into hell. Theresa May is self obsessed and has no individual instinct; just follows what big newspaper owners and UKIP supporters want her to do. She even said it would be an economical disaster to leave the EU. And now she is pushing for it. Can’t wait.
  • Economy: Conservatives have tripled our dept and their damaging ‘savings’ (cuts), causing 7.4 million people to be living in poverty, including 4.5million children. Why would you vote for a party who is causing this? 😦
  • Liberal Democrats use FACTS and LOGIC; not newspapers and politicians, spilling out lies and getting away with crime.
  • Guardian

Labour and Greens are also good parties to vote for. Don’t believe any smearing lies. Look around you and find the facts. The amount of poverty, inequality and low quality NHS, schools, roads, etc. now in the UK is unacceptable and we need to vote the Tories out.

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