Vegan ObeyYourBody Natural Glow Nail Kit

“Oh you have lovely nails!”

Lol, it happened to me. A sales man came over to me, showed me this amazing nail tool that i’ve never seen before. I think it’s pretty cool and feel slightly akward to say I can’t afford to spend €25 on it; which isn’t actually that expensive as it’s supposed to last over a year???

The moment he said the products were all vegan, i was straight away like YES GIVE IT TO ME.


After my card got rejected once, i got slightly tense. It was the machine’s fault though (thank god) as it actually worked the second time. 

Can’t wait to try it out on my nan. 

Lmao haven’t cut my nails in ages. Should see my toes… gross.

Two were done by him. Literally took like 20 seconds and it was dey AND it’s supposed to last 2 weeks :O 

I took the photos on my phone, so poor quality 😦


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