Forever 21 Lace Red Top Review

I was going through one of those phases, where I was in great need of a new top that I could wear out as something more dressy or something casual too: and I found this.

It wasn’t too expensive; which was good.

The lace is really detailed and good quality, meaning the top doesn’t look cheap or anything.

My favourite thing about it is the low cut cross over look as it makes it easier to wear a nice bra let underneath. This is good for going out at night because i can just wear this over outside when it’s cold, then take it off inside when it’s hotter, haha.

It stretches out; but, by itself, it’s really small so can easily fit in a bag well.

The colour red is also one of the best because it stands out a lot more than other colours and looks good with reddy/pink lips.

This top can be worn all year round 🙂

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Cringey edits 😉

Thanks for reading 🙂

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