Budapest Travel Review

Well, Budapest.

It was nearing the end of Sixth Form and me and two of my friends were so slaughtered by all the revision and exams that we were desperate to go on holiday.

We needed somewhere cheap AND awesome; which you can definitely, definitely get in Eastern Europe!

So we found an amazingly sweet, cheap deal in Budapest for a week.

The flying was nice, the taxi to our apartment was nice and the apartment was lusshhh. It wa located in a nice, modern shopping centre. The area was full of life, but still quiet at night.

There were lots of tourists around too, which made it feel safe and comfortable.

There was lots to do in Budapest, mainly the most interesting parts are if you’re into history, architecture, photography, walking, boat rides, nice vegan and vegetarian food places and BEST OF ALL: the giant bath/spar places.


I had a really good time with my friends. During the day, it was a nice place to chill and release our inner nerdy interest for history and politics (lots on the Hungarian revolution and really good museums with insightful museums).

I really liked how they had statues representing children that fought in the revolution. It was really touching to also know that it wasn’t too long ago. In Britain, the statues mostly present leaders and famous public figures; but in Eastern Europe there’s more emphasis on the civilians/people – i prefer that. 

For a friends/LADS holiday it is a definite yes.

Here i have uploaded photos from my trip:

Photogenic and Insightful Budapest, Hungary Travel

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