Hypocricy Behind Supporting Trump

While wandering through Twitter, I came across one of those typical Trump supporters that fire anger into me. Not only their ignorance and lack of knowledge, but also their hypocrisy is what hurts.

How did the human race come to this? It’s embarrassing. How can people like this even exist? What on Earth caused this kind of close minded thinking?

Here she is:

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 16.44.16

Aw, she has two children. I hope they grow up with a more educated, smarter, less ignorant and open minded thinking.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 16.43.48

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 16.44.58

Brainwashed are? We’re the ones that are brainwashed?

The whole idea behind Trump gaining support is through brainwashing. The brainwashing comes from ACTUAL fake stories being spread on social media against Islam, homosexuals and other minorities. The brainwashing comes from Trump supporters believing that everything any news reporter or journalist or educated person says is wrong and ONLY Trump is right. Brainwashing is thinking that an ENTIRE religion of people is responsible the one extreme group, even thought white people and christians have the KKK and many extremist groups too. Brainwashing is letting someone tell you to hate a race, tell you that they’re going to take your jobs and are a danger to you, and you believing it without ever knowing or meeting anyone from this race. Brainwashing is thinking Donald Trump ISNT the establishment when he IS a perfect example of the establishment. Brainwashing is believing a greedy, dumb ‘billionaire’ who got all his success in life from his daddy, is going to make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

What do you mean by GREAT AGAIN?

Getting rid of poverty? Trump doesn’t care; he’s part of the reason WHY there’s poverty. Equality? HA don’t make me laugh. More jobs? Trump seems to want to spend all your money on a wall and security for all the holidays he’s going on at the moment.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 16.44.53

Bigots? We’re the bigots?

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 16.59.24

The word bigot defines Trump ideals! You wake up, woman.



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