2) Reason to go Vegan


Please, please, please:

The consumption of meat and dairy products is damaging to the environment, world equality and our bodies. Millions and millions of animals are brutally murdered each year, including baby ones. Millions of male chicks are cut up alive for the egg industry.

We shouldn’t be destroying our planet in this way. We spend ages talking about how we can improve the environment and our health and way of life, when the leading issue is right under our noses. Wake up.

There are so many alternatives for food. Do the right thing. You’ll feel better.

It is so easy these days, with tones of products in supermarkets, etc., to go vegan; so there are no excuses!


Check out these for more useful information:
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I will be posting more info about my vegan diet. I’m quite new to it all and it has taken a while for me to adapt to it; but i’m fully committed now.

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