Tragic Death of My German Great Grandfather in ww2 – Don’t Let Trump’s Hate Win.

The Second World War is widely know as one of the most tragic and horrendous moments this planet has witnessed. The actions and events that occurred between 1939 and 1945 will haunt this world forever. It is so horrific, that many of us can’t come to terms with it. We can’t really believe it happened. Just nearly 70 years ago, 60 million people were killed in this 6 year war. 60 million people.

How could this have possibly happened? How could people have possibly been so stupid enough to cause this? How had the world come to this after the events of the First World War? So many innocent lives were lost and for what? For what?

The causes and all the deadly decisions made by those in power during this war takes up quite a few long history classes, documentaries and books.

But one thing is very, VERY clear: it was driven by hate.

I’m half English and half German. I have lived in England my entire life and have grown up here. Every year, I have visited Berlin a few times, where my relatives over there have experienced everything from the front lines, being a family who were separated by the Berlin Wall and faced the Second World War at young ages.

Everyone suffered, but my Grandma (Oma as I call her), lost her father in this world war. At the age of 5, just as the war had come to a close, her dad died after fighting in Berlin in the last German effort against the Russians.

Her father had owned a successful fishing business before the war and must have lived a comfortable life with his wife and three girls. The rumours are that when he first met my great grandmother, he couldn’t keep his eyes off her. This was even more kind for those days as she already had a daughter from another man who had been the friend or her older brother, who had used her and then left her.

I haven’t got the full details of his role or anything and, from what I know, he never joined the Nazi Party or showed immense political interest or support in the Nazis. But, like many Germans, anger and frustration at the poverty and destruction inflicted on the country from the people in power and the other big nations’ handling of the end of the First World War, were hungry for a leader who would save them from all this mess.

There came a chap called Hitler who told them all that the Jews were to blame for their problems.  There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to suggest that the Jews had caused any of the issues. It is completely bizarre that they came up with it. In all honesty though, Hitler himself knew that the Jews (no, I’m going to call them German people who were Jewish) were innocent of anything. He just needed a scapegoat, something to scare people into voting for him. Mind i say, that was very clever. Hitler, however, actually rose to power through lies, scaremongering, unfair games and luck. There is nothing powerful or inspiring about him to respect, as unfortunately so many people see him as today.

Why the Germans ended up voting for Hitler, I will discuss another day.

Anyways, Hitler ended up coming to power and actually did some pretty good things economically for the country.

But he ended up starting the Second World War, leading 7 million Germans to their deaths, many Germans to suffer for 6 years and all Germans to be haunted by grief from lost ones and the events they saw over the war period for the rest of their lives.

It also caused my Grandma to lose her father:

He’d been doing a lot of his fighting in Russia, but towards the end of the war, the day before the final German push from the Nazis, the one they were going to inevitably lose with all hope lost, the one where even German children were sent to fight, the one just before Hitler shot a bullet into his head, he was at his sister’s home with her.

She would never see him again. His last letter to her was in April to wish her a good Easter while he was going through something the we could never imagine going through: fighting for the losing side who they didn’t believe in anymore as the enemy was coming.

The war ended and his sister and her husband had word that he was being kept prisoner by the Russians in Berlin. Apparently this couple had usually been quite peaceful and to themselves. But this war brought out all kind of extra ordinary things in people. They bravely organised a rescue mission to save him.

A group was put together and they broke into the Russian Prison camp to rescue him.

They were too late.

A few years later, after the sister never giving up, she managed to get his body back from Russia.

My grandma’s father was sent over in a coffin. His sister opened it to see him and she could for a few seconds recognise him; but then his face fell apart.

A living person, a loved person, a loving, innocent man had lost his life and been treated like dirt all because of this pointless, pointless war.

I won’t even begin to go through even worse atrocities that people experienced during that the war.

I’m writing this as if I’m lecturing you. I’m pretty sure you probably know all of  this about the Second World War and I don’t need to explain or describe much further.

The point of me revealing this personal information in this blog post is that I want to remind people of what happened.

Let’s get straight into it: Trump is doing what Hitler did. I’m not afraid to say it. I’m not going to let his words and the words of his supporters scare me or fool me.

It’s not funny.

Trump is using people’s fears and insecurities in the USA to get to power. He tells you that Muslims are the problem.

Muslims ARE NOT harming America.

I will happily write another post on Trump’s stupid politics and ideologies and how it’s completely wrong to blame an innocent race of people. Will just add this in to show how amazing muslims are:

ISIS isn’t Islam; just like KKK isn’t white people.

The real danger to America is people like Trump.


If you want someone different to the usual Amercian politicians, the establishment type people, then vote for someone down to earth and honest! Not a greedy billionaire with a horrific track record who finds it entertaining to blame innocent, hard working muslims in the US who have done more and sacrificed a lot more for the country than he has.

Anyway, I’ll stop my Trump rant as i’ll cover that another time in more detail.

Don’t let someone turn us against each other. Don’t let someone drive you towards hate.

Don’t let a greedy opportunist, tell you to hate someone just so that they can get into power.

Don’t let a man tell you that foreigners are unwelcome in your country, don’t let a man tell you that Muslims should be banned from your country, don’t let a woman say both of those things to you.

It’s your country. Your planet. Don’t let a few people looking for power use you to tear it up again.

Getting to power through hate, basing your judgements on hate only ends badly. The last time it has happened, the world fell apart. This was only 70 years ago. Don’t think that it won’t happen again if you let the wrong people get into power.

Don’t encourage hate. Don’t let people make you feel hate. Work to make the world a better place to avoid anything like that happening again.

Be this person:


Be on the right side of history.

Don’t follow these people, don’t let them use you or fool you. You are not stupid enough to give them the opportunity to ruin lives:

If you want to end inequality, poverty, unhappiness, then hate isn’t the answer as it’s been tried before.

Stand up to them and their supporters.

Thank you for reading.

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