Travel Vlog Berlin 1 | Gardens and Festival


I have relatives in Berlin and travel there often to explore the awesome city. I have spent time putting together videos in the form of volgs onto youtube. For my next ones coming up, I’m going to do some narrating along with it (to add a bit of humour); so make sure to subscribe to see more 🙂

Thanks 🙂

M Y L I N K S:

Twitter: linaloraprosser   ( I tweet A LOT about politics and my general stuff)

Instagram: linaloraprosser     (photography and my life)

Youtube: LoraLine

Blogger: Lina Lora Prosser (what i post every day and what i eat every day)

C H E C K O U T:

1) Reason to go Vegan

Gold Smokey Eye Party Make Up Look

Theresa May a Feminist? Don’t make me laugh.

Oxford in the Rain



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