Two Night Stand Film Review


Being freshly single, it’s always nice to watch a romantic comedy, bubbling with young love.

Initial Thoughts:

It came across as if the idea of the film was for it to be a more realistic and down to earth kind of love. It was to an extent. However, as a typical romance movie, it was pretty unrealistic in places, especially when it came to cheesy love declarations; but HEY, that’s the absolute reason why I watch cheesy love films like this: to escape the boring reality of love. Maybe love isn’t boring, i don’t know.

Anyways, I thought it was a really sweet film. I wasn’t sure about how i felt about the main girl character – I figured that it wasn’t her acting that i disliked: it was the character’s personality. She was quite annoying and exaggerated a lot; but the acting in general was pretty decent.

I always love romantic films with Miles Teller in them because he’s just amazing at acting the down to earth, lovable guy.

Story Line:

Basically, there’s this girl in her early twenties who is in a kind of ‘mid-life crisis’ stage (even though she’s obviously young). She doesn’t know what career to follow, has just been dumbed by her boyfriend (who she was engaged to) and is now living with her friend and her boyfriend. She is encouraged to go onto a dating site and end sup hooking up with this other guy that night. She gets snowed in and has to spend a lot longer there than expected. And WHO KNOWS WHAT HAPPENS!!

Recommend for:

  • singles
  • girls
  • women (whatever)
  • dates
  • friends
  • don’t watch with parent for family members, please
  • singles
  • singles
  • singles



3 stars???

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