Gold Smokey Eye Party Make Up Look


Here is the gold smokey eye look that i wore on New Year’s Eve 🙂

You are about to witness my most attractive angles (sarcasm – better safe than sorry).

Just quickly preparing by getting changed (weird and irrelevant i know) 😉 Then the towel is representing me splashing my face with cold water; which I always do because -apparently- it reduces wrinkles.


  1. STEP ONE: Use lip scrub (mine is a popcorn flavoured one from Lush). This will make your lifts soft, smell nice and will make them look bigger.


Then skip off to the bathroom to wash it off, after scrubbing for about 30 seconds – depending on how long you can take the ‘pain’.


2. STEP TWOOOO: Take a lip stain (acting as if everyone has one) and line it along the lips and spread it in. This makes the lips look bigger and all rose and I use it every day 🙂


3. STEP THREE: Curl eyelashes. Walk around if you get bored. Do each eye for about 10 seconds.


4. STEP FOUR: Put mascara on. I use Loreal and tend to do each eye for about 4 minutes each. I start of at the tips lightly and then gradually apply more and more. That sounds dodgy; but there you go.

5. STEP FIVE: Take a gel eyebrow brush thing and apple a light layer onto the eyebrows, brushing upwards. I use a MAC one.


6. STEP SIX: Take a eyebrow powder kit and take a medium brown colour (probably doesn’t work if your eyebrows aren’t brown.. oops) and lightly brush it upwards onto the eyebrows, spreading it out evenly.


7. STEP SEVEN: Set the eyebrows with the eyebrow brush gel thing.



8. STEP EIGHT: Take a brown eyeliner (i always use a dark, waterproof one because it will last longer) and apply it to the top waterline, pleaseeeee.


9. STEP NINE M9: Take a waterproof white eyeliner and apply it to the ouster and inner corners of the bottom (cheeky) waterline. This will make the eyes look away bigger and brighter,  trust me.

10. STEP TEN: Apply eye primer to the top lids and under the eyes. This will prevent the eye shadow from creasing, will brighten up the eyes and will make the eyeshadow last longer.

11. STEP ELEVEN: Take a light, pinky, natural toned eyeshadow and apply it to the top eye lids just to set them ready for the full on eyeshadow 😉


12: STEP TWELVE (oo i can count): Take a light, sparkly, golden like coloured eyeshadow and apply it with a small brush to the top eyelids, stopping just above the crease.

caught mid-blink


13. STEP THIRTEEN: Take a bigger smudge brush, applying a darker gold colour to it, and blend it into the crease, blending the ends of the eyeshadow.



14. STEP FOURTEEN: Take the same colour and apply it under the eye. Apply it with a small brush and then blend it in with a blending brush.



15. STEP FIFTEEN: Take a brown eyeliner and apply a line onto the eyelid.


16. STEP SIXTEEN (I’m getting tired now lol): Take a bronzer and brush it down the cheeks and under the chin.


Thank you so much for reading. Would love if you could comment with feedback 🙂


I Hope this was useful!

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