Theresa May a Feminist? Don’t make me laugh.

As a young woman, I am anything but inspired by Theresa May.

Just to clarify, boy’s and men’s rights are just as important too, but in this blog, I am highlighting on the issues caused for girls and women.

I am sorry to sound aggressive, but I am truly shocked by how Theresa May acts in parliament. I am disappointed in her as a woman. Her political tone terrifies me.

In October of 2016, after she had spent the time, during an intensive campaign on the future of Britain’s role in Europe, remaining (pardon the pun) silent, Theresa May stepped up to be leader of the conservative party, won and became Britain’s 2nd female prime minister – even though a good bunch of the population probably have no idea who she is as no one elected her.

At the end of her speech, addressing the conservative party after her victory, where she basically just described how tough it is for people living under a tory government, she ended by saying she will put her efforts into making “Britain work for everyone”.

Whether her track record so far, months later into her time as prime minister, backs this quote, i will elaborate on in another post.

However, now, I will focus on this:


Theresa May a feminist? Don’t make me laugh.

Theresa May’s government and own rulings has done anything but give women good opportunities.

       1. NHS 

  • As the NHS suffers immensely under the tory government, many nurses (majority are women) are forced into extremely stressful and tiring situations with low pay. How is May being a feminist and giving opportunities to earn good money and have happy lives?



  • Independent: women would suffer £7.8 billion of 8.6 billion cuts to tax credits and child benefits.
  • I don’t see any kind of feminist tone here. What you see here is Theresa May’s government making life even more difficult for women to bring up children and have enough support to keep good careers equal to men.
  • As an 18 year old girl, it scares me that the government is prioritising making life worse for women here.



  • Even though many British people want to help the refugees and there has been little indication that we don’t want to help, May’s government have stopped helping them. Now women and young girls (many orphans), are stranded in either a war zone or in Europe, vulnerable to human trafficking and many more terrible things. Where are their rights? A true feminist would jump to help those people fleeing war while we bomb their country. A true feminist wouldn’t leave girls vulnerable to all this danger. Where is her compassion? Actually, you don’t even need compassion to do something to help people in this kind of situation.
  • Rather than sticking up for the women and little girls stranded, May’s government decide to follow Trump’s facist values – even though the majority of us in Britain oppose it because we are decent people.



  • yes you heard it, I am bringing my beloved topic into this: the dreaded brexit. My laptop keeps auto correcting it to brevet. Interesting.
  • Over 16 million people didn’t believe the lies and voted remain (with 16-17 year olds who mostly would have voted remain not getting a say), with a lot of them being women. Now these women are being dragged into a mess against their will. I don’t see any rights there.
  • MAY’S ANTI IMMIGRATION TONE: This has to disgust me the most in all honesty. Some of her quotes are so dehumanising and i don’t think history will look very kindly upon her. Oh i do pity her sometimes. Like my mum, there are many European mothers in the UK (LIKE NIGEL FARAGE’S WIFE) who have spent effort and time bringing up children to British husbands and paying taxes, etc. How does May repay these hard working women? She is nasty to them with her words and her actions in power. TRUE FEMINISM RIGHT THERE!


5. TRUMP (yes you saw this coming)

  • when the photographs and words appeared of Theresa May’s strong intentions to have a great relationship with Trump, every single woman in Britain had been betrayed. From the new born girls to the retired women. Every single one.
  • Unlike Merkel in Germany, May didn’t bother to stand up for our beliefs. Instead, she did the very weak act of cozying up to Trump with his wonderful attitude towards women. This didn’t make Britain look very powerful and didn’t make her inspirational in any way. It was a dark day to be honest. She didn’t stick up for us. Didn’t put our interests first. Only her’s.



  • Even though many political parties support giving 16 and 17 year olds the votes and it proved to work well in the Scottish referendum, the tory government still is agist and refuses to give young people their democratic right to vote. Worst of all, their excuses for not giving it are very weak. I mean VERY weak.
  • Feminist wise, it means that a lot of young girls didn’t get their say on the EU referendum (including me) even though many of us are very enthusiastic. But no, May did not want to give us good opportunities and rights there, did she. Most of young people would have voted remain and we didn’t get a say on our future and now we have to be dragged into a mess that we didn’t ask for. Where are my rights there Theresa?


  • Grammar Schools – although basically all of the leading experts in the education system say it’s a bad idea and are strongly advising against it, Theresa May would like to reintroduce grammar schools and have her government focus on them again. The majority of children at grammar schools come from wealthy middle class backgrounds, meaning a great amount of young girls from families who, in a lot of cases, won’t be able to have as much help with homework, learning and revision for the tests taken at ages 10 and 11, won’t be given very good opportunities when they end up going to the state schools that suffer huge amounts under the tory government + the majority of girls aren’t given the opportunity to go to a grammar school because they didn’t do so well on a test at the age of 10/11????? shouldn’t judge children’s academic abilities at that age (not very fair). And, therefore, meaning that these girls have already got an unfair and unequal start in life with a select few being given an advantage.
  • Cuts to State Schools – making it more difficult for girls to get a good and equal education as they are discarded and degraded my May’s government. Why take heaps of money away from schools and make things more difficult? I don’t get it?
  • BBC:                                                                                                                Female earnings from state schools 3.5 years after graduation = £22,861

          Male earnings from private schools 3.5 years after graduation =                                    £31,078

The tory education system doesn’t seem to being giving the majority of women many equal opportunities.   “A Britain that works for everyone”


  • A touchy subject, but many of the newspapers in Britain are extremely and undemocratically right wing with horrific track records and are very damaging to our society. May’s government LOVES to cosy up to the rich and powerful owners and do what they say in order to win the vote. She basically does what they say and that’s what has caused all these disasters in Britain. Doesn’t sound like she’s putting many of our rights first, does she?



  • LAST BUT ABSOLUTELY NOT LEAST: The tory government has seen a 250,000 increase in poverty with an immense number of British people being forced to use food banks.
  • This tragically destroys opportunities for many young girls. I see no feminist tone there.




I don’t think Theresa May has the right, at all, to call herself a feminist. You can’t count yourself as an inspiration to woman by just being in power. It’s about what you do when you’re in power.


I will write separate blogs to elaborate on these subjects and I will be doing LOAADSSS more political blogs. 🙂

Please comment on feedback as this is the first political blog I’ve written. 🙂

Thanks for reading 🙂



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