Oxford in the Rain

MY nan did not fly all the way from Berlin to basically do stuff that she could do at home, like sitting around, playing board games and reading. We were desperately in need for the perfect planned day out.

However, there was a little, annoying obstacle, standing in our way: England’s delightful rain.

We were determined to go into Oxford and defy the rain, but what was there to do? Thankfully, we’d been into Oxford a few million times – it’s the only exciting city near us.

Now, where’s the most obvious place to visit it the city when it’s pouring with rain? With the exceptions of shops, museums! Well, in our case, one museum.

So, we decided to jump in the car and head to the Ashmolean.

Once we arrived, I stepped out of the car and was gracefully greeted with an army of rain drops and a gush of wind. I instantly regretted spending time brushing my hair and making it as pretty as possible because England’s cruel weather hates me.

After being poked in the umbrella with an eye (oops i meant the other way round) and splashed by a humongous double decker bus, I made it into the not so warm and cosy museum.

On a positive note, the museum was great and the view from the upstairs cafe was, to some extent, worth the £4 we payed for a 1cm thick slice of cake.

The English winter never fails to surprise me though with its rapid changes: I remember entering the cafe toilet when it was still light, then coming out to a pitch black sky. But maybe it’s just the ridiculous long ques there always are for the ladies toilets…

The journey home consisted of a very long traffic jam and my sister’s joyful, Lana Del Ray CD.

Would I recommend going to Oxford or England when it’s windy and rainy?

Why not.



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